Why Teamo

Why Businesses Trust Teamo?

Awesome developers aren’t easy to find but leveraging Teamo’s platform can help you find talent that you would not have access to in your local areas. We help startups and businesses build dedicated remote teams so they can focus on their company’s development

Extensively Vetted and Remote Ready

Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that the developers we place will thrive in remote working environments.

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Scale Fast, Build Faster

With an average hiring period of 1 week, we ensure that you get to scale your development team faster.

Quality with Affordability

Our talented professionals come with fixed and affordable prices that help you keep your budget in-check and provide a fixed billing system to help you manage your company expenses.

Administrative Hustle is Ours!

By acting as an employer on record we source, vet, hire, and support the developer on your behalf thereby eliminating the need for a local subsidiary.

Performance Management

Our platform makes it not only easy for you to scale your team but also to manage it. We provide time clocks, daily reports as well as performance evaluation reports.

Seamless Integration

Our dedicated team structure and remote readiness of our developers allow them to seamlessly integrate with your existing teams.