How does Teamo find quality talent

How does Teamo screen individuals?

Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that clients receive high-quality talent as each developer is rated on the following requirements before being accepted into our talent pool:
  • Technical Capabilities:
    Each candidate must then pass an automated coding test, a live coding exercise along with a technical interview with a member of our engineering team.
  • Communication Skills:
    The most important skill when working in a remote setting is to have good communication skills. We assess our candidate’s communication skills during our initial interview call.
  • Time Management and Problem Solving Capabilities:
    During the technical interview stage candidates are assessed for their time management as well as problem-solving capabilities.
  • Motivation and Professionalism:
    We like to find out about what drives our developers so we can help them grow. Our ideology is to make sure that our developers are highly motivated individuals who want to grow in their respective roles.
  • References:
    We complete thorough reference checks on individuals so we can provide you trusted information.
By having access to highly talented individuals in emerging countries, Teamo can help you build dedicated remote teams. We can help you get up and running faster while helping you save up to 60% as compared to western markets.