How Teamo Works

How does Teamo work?

Using Teamo’s services you can control every aspect of your development while finding talent that you might not have access to on your local market. We vet, hire and manage your dedicated developers so that you can concentrate on your company’s future.

  • Search:
    Our recruiting process is ongoing allowing our developer database to keep growing. So searching for the right talent becomes a breeze.
  • Contact:
    Our detailed profiles about developers help businesses understand the candidate better as to who might be the perfect fit. An option to schedule an interview is also present.
  • Hire:
    Use our platform to hire, manage (daily reports, performance evaluations, etc. ) and pay your developer.
  • Manage:
    We focus on the motivation and staff retention of your team, making sure all contractual obligations are met. Our customer success managers are available to speak with you on any needs.
By having access to highly talented individuals in emerging countries, Teamo can help you build dedicated remote teams. We can help you get up and running faster while helping you save up to 60% as compared to western markets.