Developer Perks

What perks does Teamo offer developers?

Part of Teamo’s philosophy to ensure that the developers from emerging countries receive a package that improves their lives as a whole. Some of the perks that we offer developers are as follows:

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We believe in helping our team members gain access to equal opportunity in education. Not only do we encourage ongoing learning through online platforms and courses, we also cover the cost of advanced degrees for certain programs.
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We strongly believe that our team should explore the world. We offer an annual allowance that developers can use towards their travels.
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Remote working Allowance
As a remote-first company we offer a monthly allowance that team members can use towards making their work and life easier. They can choose to use this towards coworking access, food delivery, coffee, gym memberships and much more.
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We give our developers high-end remote work equipment to work with to help them maximize their productivity.
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We offer all our employees and their dependents health coverage to ensure their health and safety.
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We offer our developers a very competitive salary package to ensure it takes care of all their needs.